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PU Plastering Float ST-PA102

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Model: ST-PA102



Description of PU Plastering Float ST-PA102:

Polyurethane Plastering Float ST-PA102 differs itself from old products, by overcoming the shortcomings such as heavy, inconvenient to carry and use, easy worn and easy corrosion, etc. The greatest strengths of Polyurethane Plastering Float are light weight, strong strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-moth, and low temperature resistance, etc. With higher performance than polyester, glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastics, Polyurethane Plastering Float is a good substitution of similar products made of wood or iron.
Superior points of Polyurethane Plastering Float :

1. Low cost
2  Light weight: good resilience and tenacity, light and hard,.
3. Fire-proof: reach the standard of no combustion.
4. Water-proof: no moisture absorbing, water permeation and mildew arising.
5. Anti-erosion: resist acid and alkali
6. Environment protection: using polyester as raw material to avoid lumbering
7. Easy to clean
8. OEM serviece 
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