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PU Ceiling Medallion BDB2015-C2

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Specification of PU Ceiling Medallion BDB2015-C2

Model: BDB2015-C2

Size: 73cm

1 Beautiful style
2 Easy installation
3 Chemistry-resistant: Our Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion resists chemical attack and severe weather conditions, including salt water exposure.
4 Insect Resistant: Our Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion is impervious to insects.
5 Solidity: does not rot, crack, or warp.
6 Cleaness: Our Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion has no nutritional value so it resists the growth of mildew and fungus.
7 Environmental protection: It is a very "green", environmentally safe material. Contains no atmosphere damaging chlorofluorocarbons.
8 Excellent paint: Our Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion holds paint extremely well. Because polyurethane does not expand and contract very much, paint is less likely to develop the hairline cracks that permit moisture to get below the paint surface. That means paint is much less likely to peel or bubble and will therefore last much longer on Polyurethane.

Through years of development, we have formed a Guaranteed by the advanced management and strict quality control system, our products enjoy a good reputation among customers both at home and abroad.

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