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CK 140x25hollow composite decking
  • CK 140x25hollow composite decking
  • CK 140x25hollow composite decking
  • CK 140x25hollow composite decking
  • CK 140x25hollow composite decking
  • CK 140x25hollow composite decking
Detailed Product Description:

CK 140x25 hollow composite decking

CZBROAD CK composite decking is with excellent physical property as high strength,high hardness,wear resistance,anti-slip,less cracking,anti-termites,waterproof,aging resistance,no rotting,anti-static,anti-UV,insulation,heat insulation and weather resistant,suitable from -40℃ to 60℃.



Brand:Kimberly WPC

Package:Plastic protective film and Pallet

Comparison of composite decking and anticorrosive wood
1.decking material
wpc composite decking—wood powder,plastic,additives
anticorrosive wood—nature wood,chemical preservatives
In the same construction area or volume,composite decking wastage is less than anticorrosive wood wastage.the size and parameters of composite decking can be customized ,while anticorrosive wood is usually fixed,customers have to adapt it,and it brings out certain resources waste.
45mm thickness is basic requirement for outdoor wood floor,25mm thickness wpc composite decking is stronger than 45mm anticorrosive wood,that means half of wpc composite decking can reach the demand.
4.cost performance

there is no big difference in function and price between high quality wpc composite decking and high grade anti corrosion flooring.According to market demand, domestic and foreign demand for outdoor materials is keep growing, solid wood materials are in short supply, a large number of low quality wood affect the quality and price of anticorrosive wood.Short service life and increasing maintainance cost lead to high construction cost.wpc composite decking do not need too much maintainance,it is customized,quality assured,good property and nice appearance.Our CK wpc composite decking factory was built in 2003.

Comparisionwpc composite deckinganticorrosive wood
body healthynew generation eco friendly materiala variety of cancers risk
environmental protectioneco friendlyArsenic will slowly leach from CCA-treated wood products
finish and colorvariousSingle, painted, with piles
policy impactOne of China's key integrated industriesEPA prohibits CCA application in civil construction
product propertycomprehensivePoor water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and linear cracking, paint maintenance is needed.

Of course, anticorrosive wood has the corrosion resistance and resistance to loss,and it also inhibits wood moisture content.Less wood cracking is its natural quality.CK wpc process guarantees the same performance.

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