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Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%)
  • Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%)
Detailed Product Description:

Specifications of Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%):

I. Main Ingredients and Appearance: This product is white and loose powder prepared by edible class benzoyl peroxide and the edible starch.

II. Usage and Functional Principle: The active oxygen released from the benzoyl peroxide of this product can make the carotene in the flour to be conjugated
double bonds to fade the yellow pigment thus to rise up the whiteness of flour 3 to 5 degree. After treated by this product, the flour will be white and keep
natural luster. This product has lower ash content and sand.

III. Technical Indices of Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%): No. of Standard: Q/320421ZST0011997 Item Indices Content of Benzoyl Peroxide: % 28 Content of Sand: % ≤8.0 Content of Ash: % ≤5.0
Heavy Metal (counting with Pb): % ≤0.003 Arsenium (As): % ≤0.0003

Suggestions of Correct Application of Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%):
1. Flour manufacturers should feed evenly by the micro solid feeder, or add fixed amount accurately in the matching system; and then mix evenly;
2. The adding dosage should be defined by the sample test, check and clean feeding device frequently;
3. Following cases can cause flour to create odor or abnormal color (for reference only):
a. Uneven flow speed of the feeder thus to cause partial overfeeding;
b. Including much heated, molded and moth-eaten grains;
c. Wheat not fully matured and over used;
d. Much moisture in flour or air or storage under high temperature;
e. Shoddy whitening agent without quality warranty is used.

IV. Usage and Points for Attention of Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%):
1. Flourmill with micro solid feeder and flour matching system: feed evenly by the micro solid feeder, or add fixed amount in the matching system;
2. Other customers can add the fixed amount of product by the mixer or by manual way. The dosage added should be evenly, accurately and stably;
3. The adding dosage could not exceed the stipulated standard, as excess adding can cause the flour to look blue-grey color;
4. The whitening effect will be the best 24 hours later after adding.

V. Recommended Adding Dosage: Adopting the micro solid feeder, dosage shall be evenly distributed in the flour and will be fully whitened 24 hours later
after adding. Recommended adding dosage is 22g / 100 kg flour, or to select the best adding dosage according to actual conditions of the flour.

VI. Storage and Transportation This product should be handled with care when it is transported, sealed and stored in particular cool, dry and clean warehouse
which is far from heat resource.

VII. Warranty Period: Under the storage conditions, its warranty period is one year. It can be still used if qualified after examination beyond the warranty

VIII. Package This product is packed in plastic bag that is in accordance with the requirement of edible health. The outer package is 25 kg per paper drum
and 5 plastic bags are in it with 5 kg each.

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