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Flower box CKW-DB1101
  • Flower box CKW-DB1101
  • Flower box CKW-DB1101
Detailed Product Description:
Brand:Kimberly WPC
Package:Plastic protective film and Pallet
Finish:sanding,groove,wood grain

Physical property:
High strength,high hardness,wear resistance,anti-slip,less cracking,anti-termites,waterproof,aging resistance,no rotting,anti-static,anti-UV,insulation,heat insulation and weather resistant,suitable from -40℃ to 60℃.

Environmental friendly:
Contain no toxic substances,chemical components and preservatives;with no formaldehyde,benzene and other harmful substances;cause no pollution to air and environment;can be 100% recycled and reused;can be biodegradable.

With the look and feel of natural wood;better dimension stability than wood;less timber problem,such as wood knots;resistant to warp,cracking and splitting;various colors can be made as client's request;high color stability.

Processing property:
Can be sawed,planed,glued and drilled on the surface;easy to install and clean;can be processed into various products.

Widely used in military equipment,municipal garden,construction engineering,sports venues,private courtyard,indoor and outdoor decoration.
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