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Stress Ball
  • Stress Ball
  • Stress Ball
Detailed Product Description:


1.Material:PU foam
2.Size:Customer's size acceptable
3.Logo:Any logo as customised artwork
4.Design of Stress Ball:Any color,any design,any logo
7.Function of Stress Ball:Widely for the advertising and promotion gift for children and adult toys


Playing Methods:
Game(1):Together with your partners face to face or circle surraunded,one person thrown out the ball,another one catched it.
Game(2):Hold a shooting competition,let me see who can throw the ball into the cute barrel that put in the distance.
Game(3):Let me see who can kick(or throw)the ball in the long(or high)distance.
Game(4):You can juggling same ball in the air,in order to coordinate with your discernment and motion.
Game(5):You can play with house pet.

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