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Dibenzoyl Peroxide

Dibenzoyl Peroxide is used for flour whitening. We can provide halal certificate and health certificate.The main function of Dibenzoyl Peroxide as: Dibenzoyl Peroxide can make the wheat and accelerated the wheat flour after ripe to inhibite the flour midew and improve the flour reat. Grease,wax whitening powder.

  • Dibenzoyl Peroxide (22%)

    Dibenzoyl Peroxide (22%)
    Usage and Functional Principle of Dibenzoyl Peroxide: The active oxygen released from the benzoyl peroxide of this product can make the carotene in the flour to be conjugated
  • Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%)

    Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%)
    Specifications of Dibenzoyl Peroxide (28%): Main Ingredients and Appearance: This product is white and loose powder prepared by edible class benzoyl peroxide and the edible starch.
  • Dibenzoyl Peroxide (32%)

    Dibenzoyl Peroxide (32%)
    Technical Indices: No. of Standard: Q/320421ZST0011997 Item Indices Content of Benzoyl Peroxide: % 32 Content of Sand: % ≤8.0 Content of Ash: % ≤5.0 Heavy Metal (counting with Pb): % ≤0.003 Arsenium (As): % ≤0.0003

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